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Soul Readings


A Soul Reading is a clairvoyant conversation with your Higher Self and Spirit Guides encouraging, supporting and often times validating what you already know to be your own Highest Truth. The intention of this reading is to assist you in identifying the various potentials and possibilities that are available to you based on your current energetic frequency. 


This session dives deep into what is occurring in your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual bodies through the frequency of your aura and chakra system. Soul Readings are as unique as a fingerprint - what comes through for you is what you are meant to know at the time of the reading due to the constant motion and fluctuation of energy.


Common themes that arise in a reading include:

• Soul purpose

• Core lessons

• Health & vitality

• Love & relationships

• Money & finance

• Career & goals

• Belief systems & value systems

• Past Lives

• Messages from Spirit Guides, Animal Guides & Ancestors


The questions you ask and how they are phrased are important as well. This helps identify exactly what it is that you are asking for guidance with from your Higher Self and Guides. After a reading, always be sure to practice discernment, utilize free will and only take away what resonates with you and leave the rest behind.


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