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My soul purpose is to be of service to humanity through sharing my gifts of healing and clairvoyance and to protect Mother Gaia and the Animal Kingdom for generations to come.

My purpose in this lifetime is to heal the planet and to help people find their own Truth through discovering themselves as the all-knowing, wise sentient beings that they already are.

Every human being is born with challenges to overcome. We all have our own lessons to learn and they are all unique and personal to each one of us. My purpose is to help you transmute the blockages and conditioning that are preventing you from being who you are really meant to be. My wish is for everyone to find their Truth and beauty and to know that everything they are searching for lies within themselves and always has.

My journey has been filled with many experiences that have taught me about the light and dark that lives within all of us. I have experienced many low periods in my life that made me question who I was, my beliefs and values. No matter how far I fell into an abyss of confusion, darkness and despair, I always came out clearer and more aware of the purpose of life and that there is always Light in the darkest places. Only through diving deep within the rabbit hole of my soul have I been able to discover who I am at the core and that I AM. My life experiences and the many teachers, gurus, rabbi's, shamans and monks, that I have studied with all passed on the wisdom of the ages. I feel so blessed and grateful to be able to pass this on to others as well.

I first became interested in Metaphysics and various types of religions and philosophies at the young age of 8. I began to practice Tibetan Buddhism at age 14 and studied with Tenzin Wangyal- Rinpoche at his Ligmincha International Organization, Bon Buddhist tradition. He taught me the Buddhist philosophy of ending suffering through the practice of meditation, discipline and right action. I also studied the philosophies of Hinduism through the teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda and his organization, "The Self Realization Fellowship", where I seriously perused becoming a monastic. More recently, I enrolled as a student at American Jewish University where I began my studies in Judaism and learning Biblical Hebrew.

My entire life has been dedicated to finding Truth, learning to transcend the Ego. and to teach others what I have learned in my life-long pursuit in finding the meaning of life. It's been a magical, mystical adventure to say the least!

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