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The Universe has a mighty great sense of humor. Just when we think that we have it all figured out; life happens, the world turns upside down and tough choices have to be made. 

There are times as Light Workers, that we must go where we are called to be of service. When we make the decision to say "YES" to the call from the Universe, even when we don't know how or why, many doors will surely open. The key is to know which door to walk through. 

The real true way to know, is through trusting our intuition, asking for help from our Higher Self and Spirit Guides, but more importantly being prepared to seize opportunities. Even if they look different from what we have asked for; we must have faith, trust and remember that the Universe is working behind the scenes to assist us and provide us with all of the joy, happiness and abundance that we desire.

The Business and Career Intuitive Reading is best for business owners, working professionals, entrepreneurs, people heading back to work or looking for a career change. This 75 minute session will provide different potentials and possibilities for work, career and business. It's recommended that you have some ideas about potential jobs, careers or pivots you would like to explore. We will be looking at the Energy and dynamics around each option.

This reading is also good for business owners who would like guidance on the health of their business, business relationships, personnel and changes within the organization. 

Please feel free to email me if you have any questions regarding this reading. Pre-recorded readings are also available upon request.

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