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Pet Readings and Healings

*Please note: the reading and healing portion of the session is done with your pet prior to our Zoom meeting*


​When I do a pet reading and healing, I will ask the parent to send a picture(s) of the pet, the name, age and gender of their pet and specific questions sent to me in an email prior to the scheduled appointment time. I will conduct the session with your pet before the live session on Zoom.

The reading portion of the session entails having a dialogue with your pet based on the questions provided by the parent. The healing portion focuses on any pain or imbalances in the pets body and also includes balancing th​e chakra system. After I have met with the pet, the parent and I will meet via Zoom Communication to discuss what transpired in the session. The pet reading & healing is about 50 minutes, but sometimes longer. The Zoom call with the parent will last about 25 min. 

I also offer the option to record the session and send a link to a downloadable MP4 recording of the messages from your pet. This option is preferable because it allows me to gather as much information as possible and I can also take my time with the healing without being pressured for time. 


75 Minutes, $150.00

How I became an 

Animal Healer & Communicator

Chiquita was a beautiful Sheltie/Fox Terrier mix who taught me the gift of unconditional love. She and I had​ a relationship that lasted 19 years in physical form and it was she who anointed me as an animal healer and reader. 

It all began when Chiquita was 10 years old (2006). One day, Chiquita and I were at her favorite park that inhabited an array of small furry animals. With the natural instinct of her breed, Chiquita was chasing squirrels as she usually did, when in the middle of her stride I witnessed the unfoldment of what was later diagnosed as a torn ligament in her right hind leg. She stopped and stood there paralyzed from the pain. I ran over to her and knew immediately she had pulled a muscle or ligament. After receiving the X-rays from the veterinarian, never did I imagine that in order to heal her injury it would cost close to $2,500. I was barely able to make ends meet and I knew that my parents would not pay that type of money to help her walk normal again. 

During this time, I was very involved in the teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda and his book, The Autobiography of a Yogi. In the book, I remembered reading about Yogi’s with abilities to heal through the use of Energy from the palms of their hands. Not having any money and panicking about what to do, I had decided to try this Yogic technique. Lo and behold, after daily sessions of Energy healings, Chiquita began to get better! Much to my surprise and amazement, after 2 weeks Chiquita was able to put weight on her leg again and after a month was walking with only a slight limp. As weeks of healing sessions went by, she was soon fully healed and back at the park chasing squirrels again. This event changed the course of my life forever and I owe it all to the love of my life, my best friend and soul mate. 

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