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Intentional Alchemical Healings

Are you ready to transmute the past once and for all?

These healings are designed to assist in alchemically transmute Energy at the core of your Being. They are incredibly powerful and can help you shift your Energy for deep, profound and meaningful change. The methods used for this session include timeline soul retrieval, sound healing with singing bowls, drumming, tuning forks, crystals, sage and palo santo.

Intentional Alchemical Healings for Specific Ailments

This healing assists in transmuting trapped Energy in your emotional, mental, physical or spiritual subtle bodies from past partners and relationships. This session will assist you in releasing any grief, sorrow, despair, trauma, loss of hope, so you may call in and allow the love you know you deserve into your life.

Specific to childhood trauma still lingering in the body. This session will begin the process of transmuting memories and foreign energy. Please note that this healing may require multiple sessions depending on the severity of the trauma. This healing is very powerful and can help those who are truly ready to own their power. 

This session will treat the recovery of narcissistic abuse from any family members, friends, co-workers and/or partners. This is designed to facilitate regaining and restoring your self-confidence, self-esteem and self-worth. It can aid in creating space for true self-love and self-acceptance.

Targets challenges with body image and food/sugar addictions. This healing may take multiple sessions depending on the severity and other issues that may also need healing. In order for this healing to be effective reprogramming the mind and body may need to also occur for sustainability.  

All Sessions are 80 minutes $188.88

Packages available upon request:

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