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Unlock a journey of clarity and empowerment with your personal Spirit Guides. This session illuminates your path in love, career, and spiritual growth, offering insights into your being's every dimension. Let's connect you to your Guides, unveiling the keys to a fulfilled, purpose-driven life.

45 min, $140.00 

60 min, $150.00 

75 min, $180.00 

Experience the sweet symphony of singing bowls, the resonance of tuning forks, the serene energy of crystals, and the healing frequency of the Violet Flame. Together, these tools work in concert to dissolve any stagnant Energy and designed to realign and rebalance your Aura and Chakras.

60 Min $150.00

Dive into a transformative 110-minute session combining Clairvoyant Soul Reading and Aura & Chakra Healing. Discover your soul's lessons and energetically align for your journey ahead in one powerful session. For optimal benefits, clear your schedule and immerse in this holistic experience designed to elevate and guide your spirit.

110 min, $275.00 Schedule

Discover the heart of your pet's challenges with a unique blend of a clairvoyant reading and Energy healing. Whether your beloved pet is facing health issues, behavioral hurdles, or in need of tender loving care, this session offers the insight and balance your pet deserves. Explore our service to unlock a deeper connection and holistic well-being for your furry family member.

75 min, $150.00 Schedule

For a variety of other service options, visit my scheduling page here to learn more. 

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