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With the help of your personal Spirit Guides, this session will provide you with information on your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual state to assist you in areas of your life such as Love, Relationships, Career, Soul Purpose and Soul Lessons.

45 min, $140.00 

60 min, $150.00 

75 min, $180.00 

Aura & Chakra Healing

Are you feeling energetically blocked or just need an energetic tune up? This session will open up the energy bodies in your Aura and Chakra system to assist in releasing stagnant energy. Singing bowls, tuning forks, crystals, sage and the frequency of the Violet Flame will be used to heal and rebalance your Aura and Chakras.

60 Min $150.00

See the path, clear the blocks. This combo package includes a 55 min Clairvoyant Soul Reading and a 55 min Aura & Chakra Healing/Balance, all in one session. A potent combination, the reading helps you to uncover the lessons of your soul, while balancing your Chakras and cleansing your aura aligns you energetically for the journey ahead.

To get the most out of this session it is recommended to clear your schedule and enjoy the benefits of pampering your energetic body.

110 min, $275.00 Schedule

Our pets communicate with us all the time. They also experience challenges, just like us. Sometimes those challenges are complex, and you need a little help to understand them.

If your pet is sick, has behavior challenges, or just needs some extra TLC, this reading and healing will help bring their energy back into balance and will provide information on how best to care for your pet.

Head over to my Animal Reading & Healing page for a full overview and guidance.

75 min, $150.00 Schedule

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