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In this exclusive workshop you will be trained in a specific, structured, step-by-step system that will allow you to develop your intuition whether you are seeking to do readings for others or just for yourself. These esoteric techniques you will learn have been passed down via oral tradition from my mentors. The information provided will be transmitted through experiential learning, doing and live practice. The format of the class is designed to help you experience the language of your own Soul and intuition so you can recognize and access it at any time. This class incorporates 30 years of knowledge, study and practice that I have acquired from various Ascended Masters, teachers, healers, gurus, shamans, monks and rabbis.

You will learn a very specific format that will act as an energetic template for you to build on, customize and personalize. This template will allow you to integrate prior skills, knowledge and other modalities you have already acquired and any future skills you are interested in learning.

You will learn the following:

  • Definition of Energy, how to use Energy and how to transmute Energy
  • Importance of using your Imagination
  • the 3 critical skills needed for intuitive message interpretation to use anytime and anywhere 
  • how to trust yourself without the need for validation from anyone 
  • how to create a safe space to open and protect your Energy field for intuitive practice
  • how to identify and release other people's Energy from your space
  • personally meet, dialogue and develop a relationship with your own Higher Self

Benefits of this workshop include:

  • Clearer insights and intuitive information from your Higher Self for love, career, relationships, finances, health and home
  • Confidence and trust in your intuitive abilities
  • Taking back and owning your power
  • Control of your mind, thoughts and emotions
  • Release and heal past trauma, painful experiences, old wounding stuck in the body
  • Relief from mental anguish (obsessive thinking)
  • Raising your frequency and vibration to attract love, friendships, abundance, peace, tranquility, acceptance
  • Ability to intuitively read for yourself and others

At the end of the class you will receive:

  • Recordings of the meditations done in class so you can practice at home
  • PowerPoint presentation
  • 20% off single 1:1 coaching to further develop and practice your intuition and healing abilities (Packages available upon request)
  • 20% off ALL future reading and healing sessions 
  • 20 min unlimited FREE Zoom check-ins to ask questions or help with skills you are learning 

Cost to attend workshop: $222 

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