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Spiritual Journey Notes


Chiquita the Love of My Life and Teacher

In 2007, my life took a turn onto a path I never expected, guided by the most faithful companion one could ask for, my dog Chiquita. She wasn't just a pet; she was my best friend, my true love, embodying joy and unwavering loyalty. Our story together ventured into an unforeseen chapter one day at the park, amidst the laughter and the light, when a spirited chase after a squirrel led to Chiquita injuring her left hind leg. The news from the vet was disheartening—a $2,500 surgery was necessary, or Chiquita would be condemned to a life marred by a limp, a sum far beyond my reach.


Faced with this daunting reality, I turned to a whisper of hope I'd encountered in the pages of "An Autobiography of a Yogi" by Yogananda Paramahansa. With nothing but hope and a silent prayer, I began to lay my hands over Chiquita's wounded leg, envisioning the energy of healing flowing from my palms to her. It was a leap of faith, a heart clinging to the possibility of a miracle.


And then, the impossible unfolded before my eyes. Within a week, Chiquita’s limp began to fade, and soon, she was bounding and playing as if the shadow of injury had never touched her. It was a moment that shook my understanding of the world, a testament to the unseen forces that bind us. I found myself awash with wonder and disbelief, my heart whispering, "How could this be real?"


This miracle was the beacon that led me to Clearsight, a classroom of personal growth in Santa Monica, where I embraced my journey into understanding the gifts that had revealed themselves through my hands. There, I delved deep into the realms of energy healing and clairvoyance, emerging a year later with the honor of being certified as a Healer and Clairvoyant. My mission crystallized, dedicated to extending my healing touch to animals in need, sharing the magic that had saved Chiquita.


The chapter of bidding farewell to Chiquita, when she reached the venerable age of 19, was penned with the ink of love and the weight of goodbye. Writing about our journey's end helped me weave through the tapestry of loss and acceptance, crafting a testament to the bond we shared. It was through this heartfelt process that I sought to extend a comforting hand to others facing the inevitable parting with their cherished companions. In the spirit of shared sorrow and understanding, I aimed to ease the passage of beloved pets across the rainbow bridge, offering solace and guidance to those left behind. In this way, our story of healing and love continues to inspire and warm hearts, a beacon of light guiding others through their moments of farewell, wrapped in the embrace of compassion and eternal love.

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