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Chiquita: The love that started it all, and saying Goodbye

24th April 2021

My journey as a healer began in 2007, with my best friend and true love, my dog, Chiquita. One day, while chasing a squirrel at the park, Chiquita tore a ligament in her left hind leg. The surgery to repair her leg was going to cost $2,500. If not performed, I was told Chiquita would limp for the rest of her life. 

I didn't have the $2,500, so for the next couple of days, I began to use the technique of putting my hands over her injured leg in pure hope that the energy from my hands would heal her. I had read about this technique in the book, "An Autobiography of a Yogi", written by Yogananda Paramahansa.

A week later, Chiquita stopped limping. Soon after that, she could run and jump again. I couldn't believe that it actually worked! I remember saying to myself, "No way! How is this possible?"

It wasn't until three years after that incident that I found a school named "Clearsight" located in Santa Monica.

That's where I learned about my gifts and further developed my psychic and healing skills. A year later, I graduated and became certified as a Healer and Clairvoyant. Read more about my animal healing services here.

Saying goodbye to Chiquita

When it came time to let go and say goodbye to Chiquita she was 19 years old, I wrote the articles below to help me process the heartbreak and say goodbye with love and acceptance.

Helping you say goodbye to your pet when the time comes to cross the rainbow bridge

When it comes to time, you too will need to let go of your pet so they can continue their soul journey. I know you’ll miss them. They know it too, so in addition to writing these articles to process my own feelings, my intention was to help others smooth the process of sending their beloved pets on their way with blessings and permission.

How to Let Go

Writing your pet a gratitude letter

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